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Commercial Locksmith Services

Most of the time, when people think of a locksmith, they think of emergency lockout service. But the locksmiths at Indigo Locksmith do so much more than just unlock doors! We proudly meet all your commercial lock installation and repair needs, no matter where you are in NYC.

Whether you need keyless locks, heavy duty locks, exit devices or any number of other commercial security enhancements, we have the options and locksmithing experience to provide your business with custom solutions.

24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service

Locked out? Don’t stress! Call Indigo Locksmith for fast lockout services to all five boroughs.


Exit Devices

Emergency exit devices, also called crash bars, are one of the most important safety features you can have. They make it easy to get out during an emergency situation so you’re not left with dangerous bottlenecks at your exits. Indigo Locksmith will quickly install your commercial exit devices so you can have peace of mind.

Door Closers

If you’re not using door closers on your commercial doors, you should consider adding them. Door closers are the hinged metal mechanisms at the top of high-traffic doors; they are designed to prevent doors from opening or closing too quickly. You can also set them to hold your doors open if you anticipate a lot of traffic. If you have no door closers—or broken door closers—Indigo Locksmith can resolve this problem for you.

Keyless Locks

Keyless lock systems are ideal for larger businesses and commercial buildings, as they provide access control for a high volume of people. There are many types of keyless locks, including biometric locks, fingerprint locks, electronic locks, and more. Our preferred brands are Kaba and Simplex, however, we happily service all keyless entry systems.

Detex Systems

If you’re looking for a door alarm system, Indigo Locksmith strongly recommends Detex systems. These systems are highly customizable, easy to install and operate, and come with a variety of security features that ensure the safety of your business. Contact us for a security consultation and we’ll help you choose the best Detex system for your business needs.

Heavy Duty Locks

If you have weak locks, your business isn’t protected from break-ins. Indigo Locksmith has the heavy duty lock solutions you need to enhance your security and protect your commercial property. High security locks offer the latest in anti-lockpick technology and are reinforced against being kicked in as well. It’s also not possible to copy their keys without your knowledge and consent. Call us to learn more!

Emergency Service Available!

Commercial Lock Systems Customized to Your Needs

Security is always one of the greatest concerns for commercial properties, but when you partner with Indigo Locksmith you don’t need to be concerned. Our team has over 10 years of industry experience; we have the knowledge and expertise to provide custom solutions to meet your commercial security needs. Let’s get started today!