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Commercial Security Systems

As a business owner in New York City, you’re well aware that good security is incredibly important to the success of your business. From the smallest corner shop to a high-rise office tower, without reliable security systems in place, you can’t be sure that your employees, customers, stock and intellectual property will be safe.

That’s why Indigo Locksmith offers tried and true security system installation throughout NYC’s five boroughs. Call us for industry-leading CCTV and access control systems that will guarantee that no unwanted visitors get onto your property without your knowledge.

24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service

Locked out? Don’t stress! Call Indigo Locksmith for fast lockout services to all five boroughs.


Commercial Access Control

From keycard systems to digital remote access locks, Indigo Locksmith has the high security access control options you need to ensure that only people you’ve vetted and approved are gaining access to your property. Our access control systems allow you to grant or revoke access to anyone at any time and provide you with comprehensive activity logs so you can easily track who is coming and going.

CCTV Video Surveillance

When you want video surveillance options customized to your business needs, you want to schedule a CCTV consult with Indigo Locksmith. Our video security options include HD camera with digital zoom, frame-by-frame viewing, night vision and more. Our commercial security camera systems are designed to provide high-quality footage that’s easy to review, even from a mobile phone. Call us to see how we can make your commercial property more secure.

Commercial Intercom & Buzzer Systems

From apartment buildings to diamond district storefronts, Indigo Locksmith has an array of intercom and buzzer systems to suit NYC businesses of every size and function. Whether you’re looking for an audio-only intercom system or a video-enabled remote buzzer system, we can meet your needs. Schedule a consultation with our security systems experts to go over your business needs so we can design a custom solution for you today!

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Commercial Security Solutions That Work For You

Don’t leave the security of your commercial property up to fate. Guarantee your safety with a custom-designed security system from Indigo Locksmith. Our team has over a decade of experience serving businesses across all five boroughs—we’ve seen everything and have provided solutions to every problem. Schedule your security consultation today!